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Double Bass Kit

Double Bass Kit

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This Double Bass automata sways and plays with glee from the Timberkits range.

Aimed at those at a competent or intermediate level in the construction of automata, or model kits in general. The Double Bass Player automata offers an enjoyable challenge with a highly amusing finished model. Add paint to really bring your model to life.

Timber kits create characters, creatures & contraptions with different themes and difficulty levels, so we've catered for those new starters as well as those who enjoy the challenge of a more complex mechanical wooden model kit.  That’s why we provide our models kits in a natural wood finish, leaving the painting & styling up to you.

Ages 9+



  • Natural wood

  • 95% wood 5% plastic

  • Keep dry, dust free


  • 11 x 12 x 26 cm


  • 454g

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