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Gordon L Thomas

Anton Bruckner a genius emerges

Anton Bruckner a genius emerges

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It is 7 June 1837. Anton collapses in tears as he watches his father die. His mother cannot afford to keep him so, compels him, at the age of thirteen, to leave home. At the St Florian monastery in Upper Austria, he learns to play the organ. Later he trains to be a schoolteacher. Meanwhile he is improving as a composer. Suddenly, he realises he is at the crossroads of his life. Which of three paths does he take?

This is a novel based on the fascinating, colourful and varied life of the 19th century composer, Anton Bruckner. It is based on fact, and attempts to dispel some of the myths which still surround him. It shows his range of skills, from teaching music theory at the University of Vienna, through being a brilliant organist, and a sensitive choirmaster, to his success as a symphonist. It demonstrates his shrewdness, intelligence, independence and his efforts in dealing with others.

This novel is a must-read for anyone who loves music, history or simply a good story.

Author: Gordon L Thomas

ISBN: 9780995677869



  • Paperback: 475 pages


  • 14.9 x 2.7 x 21 cm

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